Healthcare Bill is the Model for Federal Government Programs

I am a recent convert to the Government takeover of healthcare. The plan to force all Americans to purchase health insurance or else they will be fined or sent to prison. This model would solve most domestic programs and allow the federal government to eliminate most domestic programs.

The government could use this model to solve the problem of hunger (to the extent that it really exists). If people do not purchase food, we could give them a fine or put them in jail. Giving them a fine would seem to make the people less able to purchase food so I would propose we skip that step and send them straight to prison. We have also been told by Senator Dick Durban that having Guantanamo Bay detainees in an Illinois prison is good for the economy so sending hungry people to prison would also seem to be a boost the economy. Senator Durbin: "Eighteen hundred good-paying jobs with full benefit packages is a dream come true for many families in that part of the state. And then think of what those jobs lead to in terms of businesses, new schools, new hospitals, new libraries, new opportunities." This seems to be a win/win since it is good for the economy and solves the "war on hunger" and would eliminate the need for food stamps.

This will work for Social Security as well. Require people to purchase a retirement plan. If the resist, the government could put them in jail too. Within 20 years, Social Security will not only be "solvent", but will be unnecessary.

Once we get our domestic problems in order, we could turn this in to an international outreach program. If the people in Africa "refuse" to buy food, we can build them some jails too. This will help their economy and solve their hunger problem as well.